In the kitchen
Hearts and hearths are stoked
Love and harmony are slow-cooked
Simmering with the care and devotion
Poured into the labor of cookery
For a meal not only nourishes the body
But also the soul
The giving act of transfiguring
Elemental herbs and flesh
Into splendorous, healthful feasts
Is a worthy miracle
An offer of trust
A bond forged
We may be cleansed by our baths
And refreshed by our beds
But it is in the kitchen
Where we give and sustain life
Holy is the kitchen
May we be called by its
Aromas and warmth
To serve our family and friends
Love, laughter, and life.

Lamb stew with red cabbage.
Photo © Ben Young Landis

Poetry: Ben Young Landis, first penned in 2012
Photography: Ben Young Landis

For L.E.M.

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  1. Patrick
    Sep 04, 2015

    Holy communion.
    Unity in nourishment.
    Food is poetry. 🙂

    • Ben Young Landis
      Sep 05, 2015

      And poetry is harmony! Great words, Patrick.

  2. Mary Ellen
    Sep 05, 2015