Welcome to See. Food. Write. — an independent writing project exploring food and people authored by me, science writer Ben Young Landis, in 2015. You might know me as the creator of the website Better Know a Fish, or from Twitter as @younglandis. I launched the brand in September 2015, raising more than $1,000 through the generosity of my Founding Sponsors.

As of September 2016, this project is on official hiatus — you can find my words of gratitude on Instagram. As I turn my attention to new projects, I am ever more grateful to all my sponsors, patrons, and readers for taking a look at the world through my eyes and words. Thank you for making this little journey possible — and I hope to bump into you at the market or a favorite hideway sometime!

— Ben Young Landis


Food is what binds us humans together. The act of preparing and sharing food with friends and guests is a most sacred gesture. Every time we take in a touch of food or drink, we make some holy communion with the organisms and natural elements which served as the vessels of our nourishment.

I wanted to reconnect all of us to the intimacy of food and eating, and I wanted to keep finding the stories behind the food and people I encounter every day.

I hope you enjoy the writings and images I have curated as part of this wonderful, soulful project. Explore the Story Index, or browse past posts on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook

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I am a professional writer and communications strategist, specializing in science, environment, and social issues. My training is in the natural sciences, beginning with a bachelors in Evolution and Ecology and a minor in Education from the University of California, Davis, and culminating in a masters in Environmental Economics and Policy from Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment. In the past 15 years, I have worked as a field biologist, a newspaper journalist, and as a government science communicator.

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